Priest (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Raid-Wide Holy Nova

The reason we haven't switched every spell over to be raid-wide is some of them don't scale easily. With something like Holy Nova, you have two options:

1) Heals well in a 5-player group, so it heals phenomenally well in a 25-player group.

2) Heals well in a 25-player group, so trivializes anything in a 5-player group.

In other words, if you make it raid-wide and heal 25 for as much as it heals 5 for then it is just 5x as good in a larger group. So you start considering a 5 player cap, but then positioning is really tough because you can't pick out the 5 most wounded people to target. So then you consider making it smart, and suddenly priests have 2 or 3 spells that work exactly like CoH.

The right answer might be something like it heals less per person the larger your group, but even that is a little strange and changes the role of the spell depending on group size.

But we have some ideas. (Source)

Hotfix for Guardian Spirit? (Doesn't properly proc the 50% Heal)

It is not an easy bug to fix because the problem described seems to happen inconsistently and smells strongly of being affected by server lag. If we can come up with a clean fix then we will hotfix. Currently we aren't sure how widespread or frequent the problem is. (Source)


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