DON'T read the answers at the bottom.

Do the test first .

This one's a little different everyone.

Remember, you need to take serious
thought into these questions!

1. What is your favorite out of these
a. cat b. bird c. dog

2. What is your favorite color?
a. pink b. white c. black
3. Name a person of the same gender

4. Name a person of the opposite
gender [sex].
5. Do you like the mountains or the
beach better?

6. Do you like to watch the sunrise or
the sunset?

7. What's your favorite number from 1-

8. What is your favorite plant?
a. red rose b. fern c. a dead one
9. What is your favorite season?
a. Spring b. Winter c. Summer

10. Make two wishes in 10 second

now for the results..........

1. a) cat: you love yourself the most.
b) bird: you like hearing yourself
c) dog: you put others before

2. a) pink: you're outgoing
b) white: you're classical.
c) black: you're living on the edge.

3. They are your lucky star.

4. You'll become very, very close
friends with them.

5. a) mountains: fast paced wedding.
b) beach: slow paced wedding.

6. a) sunrise: you're a morning person
and you get more done.
b) sunset: you are romantic and you
fall in and out of crushes slowly.

7. The number you picked is how many
it will take before you find your true

8. a) red rose: your life will be
beautiful,but sometimes thorny.
b) fern: your life will be
predictable and safe.
c) a dead one: your one sick person
9. a) spring: you're hopelessly
b) winter: you're a hugging kind of
c) summer: you're a bare all kind

10. If you repost this

a) more than 7 min, nothing will
happen to u
b) in 5 min, your first wish will come
c) in 4 min, both of your wishes will
come true

1. Say your name 10x
2. Then say your mom's name 5x
3. Then say your crush's name 3x
4. Then post this on 4 different videos. If you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday! But if you read this and don't post it on 4 different videos then you will have very bad luck


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