There were rumors floating around for a while that we were merging, but the guild we were merging with was never completely clear in the rumors. Well, now the cat is out of the bag: We're joining forces with Paragon, of the EU servers.

More information and personal statements are available on Paragon's websites as to their reasons, ours are simple. Paragon is an exceptional guild and we're really looking forward to the competitive raiding atmosphere reunited. We have lots of fun things in store for everyone and the future looks great for the new guild.

When looking for US partners, Premonition was an obvious choice for us. We've had friendly relations with them for a while, and they're good guys that we'll enjoy playing with. Furthermore, their excellent track record guarantees that we will have the absolute optimal player setup for any and all challenges that Cataclysm will offer. Their connections also aided us in our search for sponsorship, and we look forward to working with them to further push the limits of World of Warcraft raiding.

- Paragon / Lazei
Paragon is an exceptional raiding guild that we've had a good relationship with in their brief but highly successful time as a guild. When the leadership of Paragon approached us with this idea, we were, of course, happy to work with them for a mutually worthwhile merge. We are very excited to help make the #1 raiding guild in the world the strongest it can be - by expanding the roster for the capability of maximum learning in the smallest amount of time.

- Premonition / Xav
In the spirit of a true merge, the new guild will be called Paranition. You can find us raiding on the lag-free realm of US-Sentinels.

We're also very, very proud to present our new main sponsorship deal with Unilever, most known for their AXE grooming product brand.

NEW YORK (01 Apr 2010) AXE is giving a big boost to guys that feel the need to RAID! The iconic leader in men's care, in partnership with Blizzard, launched the brand's new product line: AXE Sunwell - Get Energized! Studies conducted about gamers concluded that this segment was completely untapped by any grooming products. The Sunwell line is targeted for appearance-conscious gamers that understand the social aspect of gaming. AXE products will now ensure that you stay uniquely fresh even during 24-hour raiding sessions and LAN-parties.



是不是因為4/1號的關係 有可能兩公會來亂的

如果如預期合併 新公會Paranition實力將非常強悍

paragon想合併是因為競賽中歐服較晚美服更新 而損失可以競爭的時間

不論如何能看到自己喜歡的明星能提升戰力爭取FD 就很開心了呀


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